Top 5 Series that Deserve Fighting Games

We all know Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, and we all remember Killer Instinct and Samurai Showdown, but how often do franchises get introduced into the realm of fighting games? The new Persona fighting game proved a game with RPG roots can handle itself in other genres pretty damn well if executed properly. So why not open the net for what could make a good fighter, and take a look at at 5 Series that Deserve Fighting Games.

 5) Avengers versus X-Men, or AvX.

This recent Marvel comic’s storyline just wrapped up and the premise was rather intriguing. The Phoenix Force was returning to Earth to possess the young mutant girl, Hope Summers. The X-Men considered this their savior and defended the girl, trusting her to be able to control the Phoenix when the two merged. The Avengers considered the Phoenix a threat and wanted to get Hope out of harm’s way while trying to defeat the galactic energy that had threatened to consume the universe many times before. The closer the Phoenix got to Earth, the more intense the battle raged between the X-Men and the Avengers. It’s pretty common in recent Marvel comic events for heroes to fight amongst themselves, instead of against villains, but this recent event just feels ripe for a fighting game adaptation.

They could chose to go the classic 2D “Capcom” style fighter that most people would probably expect, but I feel this game could really standout from the rest by adopting a gameplay style more similar to the recent Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games. A large 3D playing field where players can shoot eye-beams from a distance, or dash up close to get their adamantium claws dirty, mixed in with perhaps a tag feature of support attacks, this game could be a lot of fun.

The single player campaign could feature the playable storyline of AvX from either side of the battle, but could also include other Marvel events that would be a great way to please long time fans, as well as bring in new ones. If they added a “skrull” costume for every character, they could easily add in the Secret Invasion storyline from a few years ago. And the Civil War storyline would be another single player campaign that could easily be added in. All of these events featured ostensibly the same cast, ranging from both the X-Men and Avengers long roster of characters, so it would be a no-brainer to include them in.

4) Star Wars: Legacy

This may be the first time you hear me mention Star Wars Legacy, but it certainly won’t be the last. For the uninitiated this comic book takes place many years after the fall of the New Republic that Luke Skywalker helps setup by defeating The Emperor at the end of Episode VI, Return of the Jedi, and features a universe that has been conquered by the Sith. Their numbers are numerous, and instead of there being only a two sith, master and apprentice, they instead adopted a philosophy where everyone can become sith openly, with their leader Darth Krayt forcefully pulling the strings of the now restored empire. And yes the pun was intended. Legacy features a descendent of Luke names Cade Skywalker, who is a fallen Jedi after the Jedi order was massacred (again) and forced back into hiding. Now he is a smuggler and bounty hunter with no regards to the law or Jedi codes of honor.

This long running story ended not too long ago and featured a very full and wonderfully fleshed out cast of characters, and they were not short on lightsaber (and blaster) wielding badasses. It also featured, in my opinion, the coolest villains in the entire Star Wars Mythos (of which there are loads). The closest to a decent Star Wars fighting game I’ve ever played (not counting Soul Calibur’s Darth Vader and Yoda cameos) was the Star Wars episode III game, and that versus mode was a bonus feature that just happened to be better than the movie! It had responsive controls, a decent array of characters that were a bit different from one another, a force bar you had to manage properly, and fairly sized arenas in which to fight in.  Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi shouldn’t be allowed to be the only fighting game for Star Wars fans to have. Legacy would be the perfect setting for a fighting game, and the long running story provides some absolutely brilliant set pieces to use as playable stages and with Dark Horse Comics able to provide some serious backup in terms of unlockable features, this game could be great to keep players coming back for more.

3) Devil May Cry

This one shouldn’t be tough to do at all. Simply have Capcom create the character roster and make it play on the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 engine and there you have it. The frenetic nature of the Devil May Cry game could be easily adapted into a fighting game that relies heavily on insane combos and over the top action. But instead of the boring “watch-my-character-get-caught-in-a-500-hit-combo” gameplay from UMvC3, they could implement a combo breaker or reversal system to keep the exchange of blows going back and forth between the opponents. Devil Triggers could be timed bars akin to SNK’s POW Meter, and non-demon characters could have super bar gauges like traditional Street Fighter games. The music from these games are all stellar and perfect for a fighting game already so there’s no beef there.

The cast of characters would be simple to assemble as well. Just wrangle up all the protagonists, such as Young Dante, Older Dante, Nero, Virgil, Trish, Lady, etc. Pair them up against the series villains, memorable enemies, and bosses. The challenge would be how to make the massive bosses this game is known for pitting against you, be playable characters without simply scaling them down. They could try and make them work like the oversized characters from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on the Wii, which might make things a bit more interesting on screen. As for the story, well since this game franchise isn’t known for its story it doesn’t really matter that much. For now let’s go with every millennium, when the dark side of the moon eclipses the sun during the celestial equinox, the gates of heaven and hell meet up on earth and host a tournament of champions, the winner of which gets the honor of having a duel against the legendary knight Sparda. And there we have it. I admit it’s a load of bollocks but it’ll get gears in motion.

2) Metal Gear Solid

This game franchise is absolutely begging for a fighting game adaptation.
Super Smash Bros Brawl already showed us that Solid Snake can hold his own in a fighting game, so why not let Konami handle their own for a change? Imagine a 3D playing field full of traps and decoys and even enemy soldiers that the two opponents navigate against each other in a battle of disguises and wits! Certain aggressive characters can rush right in and mow down everything in the battlefield as they search for their opponent, while stealthy characters can don disguises to hide with while laying a bevy of traps for their enemy to run into. This could be one of the most original fighting games in recent memory if done properly.

The large cast of unique antagonists is ripe for character choices, and for characters that have similar playstyles, they can just be different costumes for the same character. For instance the three mind controlling psychics from Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Metal Gear Solid 4 could all just be grouped into one character: Psycho Mantis, who then has costumes changes to be the other two. Now fans of the BB corps will probably want each of them to be playable characters, and that’s fine, I’m just offering one solution for clone characters. For instance Sniper characters could be handled the same way. But I’m all for each villain having their own skills that set them apart. Certain characters, like The Fury could propel themselves around the battlefield burning everything around them, until their fuel runs out and had to recharge leaving them open to attack. Powerups could appear in barrels or boxes like in Smash Bros, and contain things like Cigarettes, OctoCamo, or Bandana’s. Enemy soldiers could be simple to take down, but would require a bit of time to handle for each character, giving the opponent precious time to setup traps or recharge their ammunition.

The stages are all readily available with each game featuring numerous set pieces and some of the most memorable music in video game history. And with Konami’s willingness to dip into the silly, this game could also feature unlockable players such as Pac-Man, a scaled down Jehuty from Zone of the Enders, Altair/Ezio from Assassins Creed, and even Bill from Contra! As for the story, I’m not sure how to explain all these people from different eras and settings, but hell we could just chalk it all up to VR scenarios and conspiracies and call it a day.

1) Game of Thrones

Khal Drogo versus Ned Stark. Need I say more? Yes I do so I shall. The Game of Thrones game that was released earlier this year was pretty bad, and there deserves to be something fun to play that’s tied to this great franchise. With the numerous characters who wield an assortment of medieval weaponry, this game could be perfect for a fighting game. I imagine this game perfectly fitting a play style similar to Bushido Blade. Where you first pick a character and then pick a weapon for them to use. Naturally some characters are better suited for some weapons over others, but there is still fun in experimenting. The game would have no health bars, instead focusing on where players receive certain hits. Too many hits to the arm and your unable to swing with both hands. Too many shots to the leg and now your crippled mobility makes dashing and side stepping too slow. Receive a blade thru your torso and its curtains.

The story could be a bevy of non canon campaigns where your chosen character blazes a trail through the land of Westeros (and other places) conquering their way to the throne. There could be similar final bosses to the ones in Bushido Blade also, where upon reaching the Throne room in King’s Landing, and presumably after slaying The Hound, you have a sniveling Joffery before you. All you have to do is finish it, or alternatively you can spare him and leave, providing two separate endings.

This could be the video game that Game of Thrones deserves, just not as redundant sounding. The gameplay doesn’t have to be super technical or complex, because the more intricate they make it the higher the odds of it being terrible. They should make it simple to pick up and play, so that the huge fan base that aren’t gamers can also get in on the fun (thus ensuring sequels with increased production values and more advanced gameplay).
So that’s my list of the Top 5 Series that Deserve Fighting Games. Do you agree with some of my picks, or do you have other series’ in minds that are perfect for a fighting game adaptation? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!


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games of thrones most definitely needs a game.

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One and two definitely need games.

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*five and four

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