Super Smash Bros 3DS Impressions

After having spent some time on the new Super Smash Bros 3DS Demo it's safe to say that I'm as excited as anyone to get their hands on this game after its released. I did notice a few things that jumped out at me after logging in some time with the game that I hope are indicative of this being a demo. 

The first was that I can totally understand how people in Japan are already breaking off the thumbstick on the 3DS, because once you get accustomed to the controls the game can take a pace that is strikingly familiar to the console version. Which is to say shit gets pretty crazy! And the game is tight enough with its controls that you most certainly have an extreme level of precision control over your character. After seeing the increasing number of screenshots appearing online of players who have broken their controllers, I found myself purposefully reeling back the intensity with which I played the game just in case. 

Another thing I noticed was that the bots were not that difficult, and somehow when raised to max level 9 they somehow became almost inept. They would seemingly spend more time blocking than attacking, jump dodging while I stood perfectly still, and worst of all I found that the A.I. would over-correct itself and end up jumping headfirst into the bottom of the stage platform, thus eliminating itself. This happened with such frequency that it couldn't just be a coincidence. I concluded that the best challenge came against a level 8 bot instead, for whatever sense that makes, as they seemed more apt at handling attacking you with self preservation. 

Like most video game demo's the difficulty has probably been scaled down in order to let more people have a greater chance at completing it, and a part of me is willing to wager that when the full retail version of the game comes out this won't be an issue. The breaking thumbsticks however will be a huge problem I imagine, but time will tell on that one. Concerns aside, the game is as crisp as it has ever been and feels right at home on the handheld. 

Playing as Mario I felt his F.L.U.D.D. was far more powerful and gave a much stronger push at a greater range which may add a great deal to its utility. Link's arsenal seemed largely unchanged, however his dashing attack has been changed from a quick sword slash, to a leaping downward slash. The big windup will certainly change the way he approaches opponents from a distance, changing his gap closing strategies a bit. I haven't spent much time with Pikachu or the Animal Crossing Villager, but Mega Man on the other hand I've grown quite comfortable with.

Playing as the legendary blue bomber was certainly a change of pace at first, with his regular attack button shooting out "lemons" that do a single percent of damage each and no stun or knock back whatsoever. However they are easy enough to always be shooting out that I imagine players will be happy enough to ignore them, all the while having the damage add up over time being quite a factor. The smash attack, his Mega Buster, can be charged quite a bit to devastating effect, but as Mario's cape and the Villager's pocket have shown me, the massive energy blast you unleash can be just as dangerous towards you as it is to your enemy. Mega Man uses all the abilities from the various Robot Masters to make up the rest of his arsenal and they all feel perfectly suited for the character. 

It's very exciting to feel such a unique fighting style for the character, and with all the other new characters I have yet to try, I'm truly looking forward to the complete experience.

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